Monday, April 5, 2010

Spitfyre Productions presents "Re-Cycle-D" at Paul Vincent Gallery

Come and Enjoy Mark Finne's Mixed Media and 3D work with our newest house band.

“Re-Cycle-D” is an exhibition which includes two different bodies of work & one mobile piece that can be “test driven.” Mark’s mixed media is an ever-growing series of artwork that represents years of collecting materials, thwarting the location of their demise. Much of what we wear & use can be re-used in more than one way. Why send used goods to landfills when we can donate to those less fortunate and/or make art substituting objects for paint?

Mark’s paintings are primarily acrylic on canvas, abstract, & involving a multitude of layers. No political content, no religious content, no nudity. The paintings are created while using Chromadepth 3-D glasses, which are available to all viewers for a visual enhancement at the reception. Not necessary for viewing, but a fun accoutrement…In an attempt to recreate the depths experienced from scuba diving excursions and the heights from skydiving, Mark applies layer upon layer of vibrant color to achieve these effects.

Paul Vincent Gallery also welcomes the return of "The House Band". This month our house made jazz band will consist of:

Dave DeRiso - Drums
Scott Hogan - Bass
Mike Biskup - Guitar
Matt "Shooby" Schoenebaum - Sax

Come enjoy 3 sets of jazz on a Sunday afternoon in Hoboken NJ.
Music will begin at 3:30pm an run all day.

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