Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dripping in Decadence New Paintings by Miss Dabree at the Paul Vincent Gallery Opening Reception November 14, 2010


Hoboken, NJ November 14, 2010 Paul Vincent Gallery proudly presents painter Debbie Manville A.K.A. Miss Dabree. We invite you to join us on Sunday November 14, 2010, 3pm-7pm to view a full body of work that she’s been mastering. Our Gallery hours are by appointment only.

Debbie Manville A.K.A. Miss Dabree is a multi-media artist who currently lives in Jersey City, NJ. Inspired by art from 1940 to present, her work blends together elements of bright colors, graphics that pop and words to formulate meaning. She believes that art is it’s own form of communication and therefore, each piece’s meaning is made within the viewer’s mind, much like a Rorschach test. There is no wrong answer.

Debbie’s series began as an experiment to see how well she could replicate very old images into large forms of acrylic on canvas. Being halves and pieces of images, they juxtapose some ideas and invent others. Some of the images are upside down, some very short, some used merely for shape, color or texture. Her work is always colorful and filled with images, words and ideas that she would want to look at.

There is an element of beauty involved and depicted as glamorous for the advertisements of the 1940’s. In media, beauty is often put on a pedestal, with the viewer absorbing only that, forgetting true beauty comes from the within. On the other hand, she likes using women’s images as they are curvy and enticing, which is absolutely necessary, as it keeps our existence viable. This show was almost named, “Et tu, beauté?”

What makes this series work is the combination of graphics vs. words vs. photographs. This makes you subliminally understand that it is not all one art form. It is mixed media, mixed messages and mixed meaning. Being a human, your mind wants to make a story that is identifiable from abstraction. There is no story to read, only a feeling, which is expressed in an internal and subliminal way.

Debbie believes most paintings make a sound through thoughts processed while looking at it. She especially likes the idea of silence coming from a painting because then it gives you a chance to think. There is no exact meaning or definition to these as it is impossible to sum up what she is trying to say unless you read it as a whole. There is no translation, like from language to language. What you see is the communication and it sounds and says exactly what you see.

The Paul Vincent Gallery/Spitfyre Productions is committed to bringing high quality art and entertainment to the city of Hoboken and its surrounding areas. They strive to continue building a community of people who celebrate culture and excellence in the arts. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts figure drawing sessions every Tuesday night, open jam sessions/open mics, and is the new host to the Hudson County Film Forum. The space is close to 2000sqft and is located at 49 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Kind of Science - A solo show by Orlando Reyes

Paul Vincent Gallery proudly presents painter, Orlando Reyes, and his first solo exhibition in 3 years. The opening reception will take place Sunday October 17, 2010, 3pm-7pm.

Gallery hours are by appointment only.

Orlando Reyes is a painter, curator and arts entrepreneur residing in Jersey City, New Jersey. His paintings are experimental compositions of chemical reactions, in which paint fractals manifest as studies of life, lin...e and nature.

When he is not painting, Orlando Reyes is managing his critically acclaimed gallery, collaborating with artists, and curating shows. In 2003, he founded the 58 Gallery, a space where artists gather to exchange ideas toward the cultural revival of the Jersey City art scene. Since its inception, the primary focus of the gallery has been to fill the gap created by the elitism of the New York art market, prioritizing creativity and innovation. 58 Gallery has hosted over 200 artists in more than 200 shows, and continues to be a centerpiece in the New Jersey/New York contemporary art scene.

Please join us for this amazing event.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Exposure" at Paul Vincent Gallery

SPITFYRE Productions and Guest Curator Joe Russo



49 Harrison St

Hoboken NJ 07030






Hoboken, NJ September 1, 2010Spitfyre Prductions of Paul Vincent Gallery, enthusiastically presents “Exposure”, a coming together of thirty photographers from Jersey City. The exhibit, running Sunday the 12th of September, has been co-curated by Joe Russo and Tara Thurber.

Quickly becoming Hudson county’s favorite independent gallery, Paul Vincent Gallery, located at 49 Harrison Street, in Hoboken, NJ, and Jersey City based photographer, Joe Russo , team up to create a visual experience consisting only of local photographers. Russo came to Tara Thurber and Virginia Kamenitzer, founders of Spitfyre Productions, seeking a place to show the many talented eyes that reside in Jersey City. Spitfyre and Paul Vincent Gallery continually search for ways to bridge the gap between these talented sister-cities. Together with Russo, Paul Vincent Gallery, housed within the walls of Hoboken’s own photo rental studio , Paul Vincent Studios, present Exposure.

Featured Artists Include:

joe russo, tara thurber, virginia kamenitzer, paul belas, mike mcnamara

river clark, dylan egon, eric harvey brown, john crittenden, jesse caldwell

tunde cseke, michael sta. maria, christina cruz, mr. afternoon, haas colby

anna vakhilt, dorian alvarez, emily pryzybylinski, beth achenbach

colleen gutwein, yvonne vairma, erin hannan, mike mandraccia

laura desantis olson, david sullivan, matt piccolo, pat byrne, frank krumie

adrien de martini, laura gravenstine, and johanna rhyins

The Paul Vincent Gallery is committed to bringing high quality art and entertainment to the City of Hoboken and its surrounding areas. They strive to continue building a community of people who celebrate culture and excellence in the arts. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts figure drawing sessions every Tuesday night, yoga classes, open jam sessions/open mics, and the new host to the Hudson County Film Forum. The space is close to 2000sqft and is located at 49 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030.

JCFridays - Port-O Lounge

PORT-O LOUNGE PORT-O LOUNGE presents “Little America” with photographers Virginia Kamenitzer experimenting with proportion to illustrate tiny people in big worlds and Adrien De Martini capturing the beauty of every day scenes in rural America. Curated by Tara Thurber V3.vision.verb.vibe


Reggae Yoga starts Monday September 13th!!!

Come on out for Reggae Flow yoga with Ryahhh Yoga. This is an all-level Vinyasa with fluid breathe and righteous alignment. "One Love, One Heart, Let's get together and feel all right!" Bob Marley said it best…these important words are honored throughout this whole practice! We are looking to provide a compassionate space for introspective practice! At Paul Vincent Studios, Spitfyre Productions is hosting a workshop to retreat f...rom the "concrete jungle" to come back to ones true nature and irie energy. Conscious lyrics and intention uplift thought out the class. Satisfy your soul… “I and I” is encouraged to listen to your own body intelligence within the poses, enjoying the unique journey. Truly a natural high!

Please bring your own mats. Water will be available to purchase.

This is a 4-week workshop happening every Monday from 7-9pm.
Cost is $25 per class or $85 for all 4 classes.
Please bring cash or check to first class.


We are looking forward to meeting you!
See More

Friday, August 27, 2010


Come on out to Paul Vincent Gallery on Sunday, August 29th, and have fun, or you'll die from it.

We're revisiting the "Sunday Matinee" type shows of yesteryear, with the following bands performing (order to be determined):


Man vs. Wild



Basically just a bunch of dudes who like having a good time, and want to have a good time with you. Come the hell out, have a helluva good time, hell, hell hell hell!

Also, this will be THUNDERLORD's last show for a while on account of the singer is moving away to become a fisherman, hopefully of the alphabet, where he will find some lowercase letters. None of what you just read is true. Except for the last show for a while part. THUNDERLORD will continue making music and playing shows, just at a slower pace than they already are (and, dare I say, they're a bunch of slow pokes).

$5 donation to the Paul Vincent space, because without places like this, where else would we be able to not only get cultured, but act the fool?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Port-O Lounge brings more fun to JCFridays! 6/4/2010 8:30pm-close

“...and the Livin’ is Easy” by Megan Gülick and Lau Klohe;

2 ghoulish girls with a love of dark humor and gold paint take on lighter subjects in honor of summertime.

Come on out and join us for some adult "ice cream" beverages and some music!

the artwork is on display until August 29th, 2010 keep an eye out for more events to come!!!!
Curated by Tara Thurber V3-Vision.Verb.Vibe

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



49 Harrison Street
Hoboken, NJ

Homegrown New Jersey artist Carmelo Sigona, aka SNOW, started as a student of graffiti and street art. His early works and influences came from his time spent with various graffiti legends from Paterson, NJ to the Bronx, NY. He has an immense body of work that spans 3 decades. From his bombing days in the 80's to his production work in the 90's, and his mixed mediums of the new century, SNOW continues to push the bar with his versatility. His ability to challenge himself and try innovative styles while maintaining a distinct feel to his work, has entertained and inspired graffiti writers and artists worldwide.

SNOW has worked for Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, as a painter and designer of action figures, play sets, and environments. He has created stage sets, props, album covers and backdrops for numerous music industry icons: Will Smith, Wu Tang Clan, Gangstarr, Mobb Deep and Chris Brown to name a few. His work and career is frequently featured in periodicals including Time and People magazine. He currently operates Fly Dragon Studio where he is creating a series of graffiti and hip hop inspired comic books. With this series, titled TALES from the MIST™, SNOW hopes to expand his influence into a new realm!

The Paul Vincent Gallery is committed to bringing high quality art and entertainment to the City of Hoboken. The team at Paul Vincent Gallery strives to continue building a community of people who celebrate culture and an appreciation for the arts. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts live model drawing sessions every Tuesday night and offers its space up as a photo rental studio. The space is close to 2000sqft and is located at
49 Harrison Street, Hoboken, NJ.

For more information please contact paulvincentgallery@gmail.com.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you all for coming out to our opening for "Re-Cycle-D" by artist Mark Finne

Spitfyre Productions would like to thank everyone who came out to Mark Finne's "Re-Cycle-D" opening on April 11th. With all the hard work, it was a great success! Mark Finne has been successfully making a great footprint all around Jersey City and Hoboken, his work is intriguing and alive!!!

Keep an eye out for the closing...we are doing a Bike-a-Thon with 4th Street Art and Music Festival. Closing reception is May 15th starting at 7pm with live bands and a dj. Check out the articles that have been posted for us! Also, reminder that we have Life Drawing classes every Tuesday Night from 7-10pm and coming soon are Yoga and Pilates classes. Details will be posted soon!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spitfyre Productions presents "Re-Cycle-D" at Paul Vincent Gallery

Come and Enjoy Mark Finne's Mixed Media and 3D work with our newest house band.

“Re-Cycle-D” is an exhibition which includes two different bodies of work & one mobile piece that can be “test driven.” Mark’s mixed media is an ever-growing series of artwork that represents years of collecting materials, thwarting the location of their demise. Much of what we wear & use can be re-used in more than one way. Why send used goods to landfills when we can donate to those less fortunate and/or make art substituting objects for paint?

Mark’s paintings are primarily acrylic on canvas, abstract, & involving a multitude of layers. No political content, no religious content, no nudity. The paintings are created while using Chromadepth 3-D glasses, which are available to all viewers for a visual enhancement at the reception. Not necessary for viewing, but a fun accoutrement…In an attempt to recreate the depths experienced from scuba diving excursions and the heights from skydiving, Mark applies layer upon layer of vibrant color to achieve these effects.

Paul Vincent Gallery also welcomes the return of "The House Band". This month our house made jazz band will consist of:

Dave DeRiso - Drums
Scott Hogan - Bass
Mike Biskup - Guitar
Matt "Shooby" Schoenebaum - Sax

Come enjoy 3 sets of jazz on a Sunday afternoon in Hoboken NJ.
Music will begin at 3:30pm an run all day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spitfyre Presents: John Selburg @ PVS

Spitfyre curator, Tara Thurber, created an amazing display for young artist, John Selburg. John came to us from Peoria, Illinois and wowed us over and over again. Selburg came with brother Mike Selburg, and the two helped create PVS into an amazing showcase. With the help of Haas Colby, Kris Dulfer, Paul Vincent, Mike and John Selburg, John Gavin, and the ladies of Spitfyre, the show took on life.

Join us every Thursday until February 11, 2009 and for the closing event on February 19th. Live music hosted by Spitfyre will showcase the new sound system as well as offer a kind farewell to Selburg and his amazing art.

Spitfyre Productions
Tara Thurber and Virginia Kamenitzer

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is Spitfyre Prodcutions?

Deep in the heart of the old MY-T Fine Pudding Factory, lies a 2000 sqft haven for the up and coming artist. Offering photo rental space, a gallery, live music venue, art classes, and home to 3 photographers, Spitfyre Productions came to life one year ago when partnering with Paul Vincent Studios.

Spitfyre founders, Tara Thurber (left) and Virginia Kamenitzer(right), came up with the concept of taking the amazing space created by Paul Vincent for his portrait and wedding shoots, and to establish as a place where artists can come to work, create, and begin to build a creative community. The lack of community and support is the sole inspiration behind the force of these ladies.
Tara Thurber, the in-house curator, has an infectious smile and talent for finding artists that would inspire not only herself but all of those around her. Thurber joined the team last February establishing herself as a curator and quickly developed herself into a respected voice in the surrounding artistic community. Bringing a great deal of energy and talent to the team, Tara continues to find new artists, new concepts, and dedicates every moment of her time to improving and developing the gallery.
Not new to Paul Vincent Studios, Virginia Kamenitzer has been involved in the studio since day one. Eight years ago Paul Vincent decided to open PVS and asked Virginia to join the team. While starting out developing her photography career, Virginia began to find herelf becoming more involved with the community around her. Virginia soon became a full partner at PVS, and brought Thurber into her partnership immediately, in hopes to create a place to help inspire those around them..."What we really wanted was a way to help bring energy back. We saw these cliques within certain towns, and communities, and we began to wonder if art was more of a social event, then actually people enjoying art for its intended purpose. What we learned was that the people who are around us were/are looking for something bigger and something to push them. Though we aren't located on a main strip of Hoboken, or in the simplest location for the DTJC( DownTown Jersey City) crew to get to, they still manage to find their way."

The ladies have created a wonderful Life Drawing group that meets every Tuesday from 7pm-10pm. The group of amazing artists have found this place a wonderful way to share ideas and experiment. Many nights the members of this class can be found discussing the models, drawing techniques, ways to create certain looks, and even suggesting models or set ups they would like to see. Just last night, Jay Boucher, local Hoboken artist, offered his station wagon for the class to pile into to support Robert Piersanti, another member of our drawing class at his Valentines Day show at Asbury Lanes. This, to Spitfyre, is the exact community we are looking to become.

It cannot go without mention, that the ladies have received a lot of support and a lot of help from studio founder Paul Vincent. "We are grateful for all he does for us. The walls he builds, the lights he hangs, the heat he provides, and his overall concern for everything we get ourselves involved with, may drive him insane, but we know he loves it." THANKS PAUL!!!!!

Spitfyre Productions Presents:

Exhibition of John Selburg
SPITFYRE Productions @
49 Harrison St
Hoboken NJ 07030


Hoboken, NJ – January 30, 2010 – Spitfyre Prductions @ Paul Vincent Gallery proudly presents the drawings and paintings of John Selburg. The event will take place on the above date from 3:00PM to 7:00PM and run until February 25, 2010. Gallery hours are every Thursday from 7pm-9pm or by appointment only.

A John Selburg drawing awakens the viewer. The charcoal and ink drawings start with the sketch and are finalized on the same paper. The history of mark and imagery provides a multidimensionality and rawness to the finished pieces. Selburg is not limited by the materials, but creates with passionate full body strokes into extremely intricate minute rendering. At first the viewer’s eyes bounce off the surface, but inevitably the images become unraveled, changing and
interacting as the viewer sinks in to the depths of Selburg’s mind.

One may consider him to be the love child of Käthe Kollwitz and Salvador Dalí, taking the gifts of his parents to an entirely new level of thought and creation. In reality, John Selburg is a young artist from Illinois who spent his childhood exploring urban creeks, rural woods and lakes, places where the truth of nature is unobscured by the physical and mental pollution created by human hands. The voice of Mother Nature rides the wind, chatters the leaves, and resounds through the owls call into Selburg’s heart, then into his mind where the battle between the truth of God and the artificial ways of humankind smash into each other and come through his hand spilling onto the paper. The message holds true through all of his drawings, that light will shine through the darkness and the darkness will not overcome the light.

The Paul Vincent Gallery is committed to bringing high quality art and entertainment to the City of Hoboken it strives to continue building a community of people who celebrate culture and excellence in the arts. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts live model drawing sessions every Tuesday night. The space is close to 2000sqft and is located at 49 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030.