Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spitfyre Productions Presents:

Exhibition of John Selburg
SPITFYRE Productions @
49 Harrison St
Hoboken NJ 07030


Hoboken, NJ – January 30, 2010 – Spitfyre Prductions @ Paul Vincent Gallery proudly presents the drawings and paintings of John Selburg. The event will take place on the above date from 3:00PM to 7:00PM and run until February 25, 2010. Gallery hours are every Thursday from 7pm-9pm or by appointment only.

A John Selburg drawing awakens the viewer. The charcoal and ink drawings start with the sketch and are finalized on the same paper. The history of mark and imagery provides a multidimensionality and rawness to the finished pieces. Selburg is not limited by the materials, but creates with passionate full body strokes into extremely intricate minute rendering. At first the viewer’s eyes bounce off the surface, but inevitably the images become unraveled, changing and
interacting as the viewer sinks in to the depths of Selburg’s mind.

One may consider him to be the love child of Käthe Kollwitz and Salvador Dalí, taking the gifts of his parents to an entirely new level of thought and creation. In reality, John Selburg is a young artist from Illinois who spent his childhood exploring urban creeks, rural woods and lakes, places where the truth of nature is unobscured by the physical and mental pollution created by human hands. The voice of Mother Nature rides the wind, chatters the leaves, and resounds through the owls call into Selburg’s heart, then into his mind where the battle between the truth of God and the artificial ways of humankind smash into each other and come through his hand spilling onto the paper. The message holds true through all of his drawings, that light will shine through the darkness and the darkness will not overcome the light.

The Paul Vincent Gallery is committed to bringing high quality art and entertainment to the City of Hoboken it strives to continue building a community of people who celebrate culture and excellence in the arts. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts live model drawing sessions every Tuesday night. The space is close to 2000sqft and is located at 49 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030.

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