Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is Spitfyre Prodcutions?

Deep in the heart of the old MY-T Fine Pudding Factory, lies a 2000 sqft haven for the up and coming artist. Offering photo rental space, a gallery, live music venue, art classes, and home to 3 photographers, Spitfyre Productions came to life one year ago when partnering with Paul Vincent Studios.

Spitfyre founders, Tara Thurber (left) and Virginia Kamenitzer(right), came up with the concept of taking the amazing space created by Paul Vincent for his portrait and wedding shoots, and to establish as a place where artists can come to work, create, and begin to build a creative community. The lack of community and support is the sole inspiration behind the force of these ladies.
Tara Thurber, the in-house curator, has an infectious smile and talent for finding artists that would inspire not only herself but all of those around her. Thurber joined the team last February establishing herself as a curator and quickly developed herself into a respected voice in the surrounding artistic community. Bringing a great deal of energy and talent to the team, Tara continues to find new artists, new concepts, and dedicates every moment of her time to improving and developing the gallery.
Not new to Paul Vincent Studios, Virginia Kamenitzer has been involved in the studio since day one. Eight years ago Paul Vincent decided to open PVS and asked Virginia to join the team. While starting out developing her photography career, Virginia began to find herelf becoming more involved with the community around her. Virginia soon became a full partner at PVS, and brought Thurber into her partnership immediately, in hopes to create a place to help inspire those around them..."What we really wanted was a way to help bring energy back. We saw these cliques within certain towns, and communities, and we began to wonder if art was more of a social event, then actually people enjoying art for its intended purpose. What we learned was that the people who are around us were/are looking for something bigger and something to push them. Though we aren't located on a main strip of Hoboken, or in the simplest location for the DTJC( DownTown Jersey City) crew to get to, they still manage to find their way."

The ladies have created a wonderful Life Drawing group that meets every Tuesday from 7pm-10pm. The group of amazing artists have found this place a wonderful way to share ideas and experiment. Many nights the members of this class can be found discussing the models, drawing techniques, ways to create certain looks, and even suggesting models or set ups they would like to see. Just last night, Jay Boucher, local Hoboken artist, offered his station wagon for the class to pile into to support Robert Piersanti, another member of our drawing class at his Valentines Day show at Asbury Lanes. This, to Spitfyre, is the exact community we are looking to become.

It cannot go without mention, that the ladies have received a lot of support and a lot of help from studio founder Paul Vincent. "We are grateful for all he does for us. The walls he builds, the lights he hangs, the heat he provides, and his overall concern for everything we get ourselves involved with, may drive him insane, but we know he loves it." THANKS PAUL!!!!!

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