Friday, August 27, 2010


Come on out to Paul Vincent Gallery on Sunday, August 29th, and have fun, or you'll die from it.

We're revisiting the "Sunday Matinee" type shows of yesteryear, with the following bands performing (order to be determined):


Man vs. Wild



Basically just a bunch of dudes who like having a good time, and want to have a good time with you. Come the hell out, have a helluva good time, hell, hell hell hell!

Also, this will be THUNDERLORD's last show for a while on account of the singer is moving away to become a fisherman, hopefully of the alphabet, where he will find some lowercase letters. None of what you just read is true. Except for the last show for a while part. THUNDERLORD will continue making music and playing shows, just at a slower pace than they already are (and, dare I say, they're a bunch of slow pokes).

$5 donation to the Paul Vincent space, because without places like this, where else would we be able to not only get cultured, but act the fool?

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